Message from the Desk of Principal


Dear Parents/Guardians
We at Sunshine Public School are committed to build an infrastructure for imparting holistic education to shinarians who as a matter of right today are entitled to compulsory education. It is our endeavor to help them imbibe positive attitude, life skills and academic excellence which are an integral part of the curriculum of our school. We are also committed to impart education which can keep peace with the changing times.

My heartiest felicitations to all the employees of Sunshine public school including teaching and non teaching staff members. I am sure they will autograph their work with excellence. Education comes from living life Purchasing dreams, observing, reflecting and being inspired by wise and courageous elders. This is the role, which teachers of the sunshine family, should play while imparting education. Good Luck

 …. Bikash Singha, Principal 

Sunshine Public School, Kaithal ( Haryana)